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Kårhuset KTH



6.600 m²

The student’s union building “Kårhuset” at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm was a worn and decayed building that, after a thorough restoration and rebuilding, now has reappeared with its former sharpness. Kårhuset is one of Sweden's most important modernist buildings from 1930, originally designed by Uno Åhren and Sven Markelius, renovated in 1952 by Markelius and Bengt Lindroos, and by Lindroos in 1977. Since 1995 we have been commissioned with the ongoing renovation and maintenance of the property. In 2012 the entire building was classified as a culturally important listed building, and in 2014 we prepared a maintenance  plan in partnership with an antiquarian.

Client: KTH Student Union

Photo: Åke E: son Lindman, Natasha Jovic

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